Personalise/Customise Me!

Customised Options
Customised Options


Here is where it becomes Yours!


Well, You've picked your items (clothing, bag, gift, etc.) and gone through the checkout process.

Now you get to have some fun with the Personalise/Customise Me Process


There are so many options to make every item we have personal to you. The customisation possibilities are endless!


Personalise a Hoodie with your Name, Customise a T-Shirt with an embroidered pattern, create a whole work wear wardrobe with your Company Logo on EVERYTHING! Choosing Embroidery or Print? What colours? Do you want special coloured Thread? Then, its deciding where do you want your Name or Logo or Image?!

So, yes, the Personalisation and Customisation options are almost infinite.

Which makes it a bit difficult to create 'standard options' for you to select to make your item all Yours.


Which is why we have this lovely form to hopefully narrow down some of the choices and start to zero in on exactly what you want.

Once you've filled in the form and sent it to us, we'll review the information and reply with a Quote.


We may occasionally need some extra information to help us complete this quote, in which case we will either email or call you to discuss your exact requirements.

Quote Me

What item are you having Personalised?

Please use the Product Code or Item Name

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How many items are you having Personalised?

How would you like it Personalising?


Please describe the location, position and size for your Logo/Image/Text to be placed


What text would you like on your Item?


Please Upload the Logo/Image for your Item (if you are using a Logo/Image)

Click to Upload

This must be a high quality image in one of the Following Formats: JPEG, SVG, PNG, PDF, GIF, BMP


What colour/s would you like? Please use the Madeira Thread Colour Chart to select your colour

(Please be aware that the digital copy of the shade cards won’t be the exact representation of the actual thread colours. Colours can look slightly different on screen)

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There is a “set-up “ fee of up to £10 for any lettering only designs, and up to £30 for logo’s, pictures and other complex designs. 

You do not pay this set-up fee for repeat orders.

By Malcolm Greenberry By Malcolm Greenberry Last Updated: 15th Oct 2017