Bespoke Pieces - Embroidered Logo for a Red Leather Sofa

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Every so often we get a call that allows us to do something new and exciting.


This is one of our most recent.

The voice on the other end of the phone was that of the manager of a local upholsterer, asking

“Can you embroider onto vinyl leather?”

“Yes, we can” I replied straight off and went on to ask what, where, when and can I have an electronic file of the design please. These questions are standard with all clients so that there’s no ambiguity before we start stitching, and especially important when it’s a one-off piece.

The Upholsterer had a sofa from his clients waiting room, and he was re-covering it in bright red vinyl leather.  He wanted the Company logo central in the back rest, a big white and black design with the Company lettering.

Because we usually embroider on to cotton or polyester fabrics I reset the machine with special needles and stronger thread that are more suitable to vinyl and leather. I set to work on a scrap of material that I wanted to use to practice on to get size, layout and tensions correct before committing to this lovely piece of red leather.

After a few tries I was satisfied that it worked well on the practice material, so I went for a final practice on a piece of the leather that the upholsterer had supplied as a scrap.  

It came out just as planned and looked great.

Now that I had a lovely looking practice piece on this scrap red leather, I went to see the upholsterer at his workshop to get his approval before committing needle to the sofa leather.

It was just what he wanted. He was happy for me to go ahead.

Off I went back to my workshop and set about lining up the big piece of leather and the embroidery frame to hold it.  It was key to make sure that the design was stitched out in exactly the right spot so as to sit correctly when the upholsterer applied it to the frame of the sofa, it was a delicate task.  

Satisfied that I had everything where it needed to be, I took a deep breath and pressed the start button on my embroidery machine. Becky and I watched the needles go to work building the design, piece by piece in a soothing rhythm, back and forth, back and forth for well over an hour until finally it was done and the noisy machine came to a standstill.

What we had created was really great.  A fantastic match of colour, cloth, thread, engineering and creativity. I was well pleased.

When I took the finished piece to the Upholsterer, they too were very impressed, as is their client.

In essence, we can embroider onto pretty much any material. Providing it will fit onto and into the embroidery machine we will discuss any project and will likely enjoy the challenge!


Cheers for now.  Mal!


P.S. The Upholster liked the Test piece so much he turned it in to a Cushion!


By Malcolm Greenberry By Malcolm Greenberry Last Updated: 21st Jun 2017